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This is the story of the best band in the world, which began in 1984, when Kid Snake and Dick Danger met in the San Quentin State Prison, California, for the first time.

Originally from Detroit USA, Kid Snake had a childhood of hard knocks. At the age of 12 he ran away from home and was exposed to life’s ups and downs. At the age of 16, he met MC5, thus beginning his musical career. During this era, with many concerts attended, he met Iggy (Pop) and The Stooges, whom he would also work with. Unfortunately, in the summer of 1983, Kid Snake was arrested with a shopping bag full of drugs, which led him to doing a stint in jail for 3 years.

After a few months in prison he met Dick Danger. Dick, of Norwegian nationality had only been in the United States for a short period of time prior to his arrest. Dick was from a small town by the name of Stavanger.  A son of a Norwegian Whaler, whom had never left Norway, was becoming the talk of the drumming world and word spread about his extraordinary talent internationally. In 1983 Alice Cooper, who was seeking a new drummer, invited him to California.  At the studio audition, it became apparent that the chemistry between all parties was non-existent.

Dick didn’t make the cut. That evening, frustrated, he set alight the studio, which then led to his conviction of Arson.


The legendary first Donar session was held in Ward 7 of the San Quentin State Prison, February 1985.  After forming a mutual musical respect for one another, Kid and Dick co-wrote the songs for their first album.

Following their release from prison, they met with bassist Glen Stunt and guitarist Neal Nosek. Donar was formed. They signed an unceremonious contract and Their first album was released on 22nd September 1986, titled ‘5150’ (5150 is the penal code for involuntary commitment to a mental hospital or ward in the state of California). The band headed their first tour through North America, where they enjoyed great success. More albums were produced and the band was on their way commercial success.


In the year of 1995 Donar was invited to play the legendary music festival “Rock in Honduras, which was the largest rock festival in Central America. This event was to be the backdrop to one of the most prominent incidents in the bands history. During the Donar performance a mass brawl erupted between rival fans of Metallica and Motorhead. Die hard fans of Motorhead took to the stage firing bullets, resulting in the untimely deaths of Glen Stunt and Neil Nosek and many others.


After this incident Kid Snake and Dick Danger took a two-year hiatus. In 1997 they both decided to get together with a friend, bassist Cliff Wilson to continue Donar as a trio. That same year they released an album ‘Beastly Things’ which embodied a musical development for Donar.

On the Millennium Tour of 2000, Donar crossed paths with the AEROBALLS – a Psychedelic Progressive Punk band from England. Rick Reefer was a member of AEROBALLS who professed that he was Donar’s ‘greatest fan of all time’. He in turn left AEROBALLS to join Donar as the second guitarist. “No question, leaving my band for DONAR was the easiest decision ever”

In 2001, bassist Cliff made the decision to leave the band citing to the group the need “to dedicate entirely to the will of my spiritual leader”. Vince Van Roth his former stagehand replaced Cliff as bassist. Vince fitted into Donar’s progressive ‘Slound’ style; this sound is still prevalent in Donar’s music today.

‘Sweet Dark Angel’ was released in 2002; it broke all records and is still regarded as Donar’s best album. The sequel ‘ Live at Glastonbury’ moved high in the charts of 22 countries and is the best selling live album, worldwide.


After the release of ‘ Surrender’ in 2007, Donar took time out from the public eye to work on their next album. The 2012 release of ‘Not My day’ ran in conjunction with the start of their world tour ‘Journey to Fear’. The opening concert in Detroit City broke all sales records and was completely sold out in 2 minutes.

Donar are on tour. The legend lives on!

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